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[Character of the Month] Raptor


Created by: Tim Seeley and Javier Fernandez
First Appearance: Nightwing: Rebirth #1
Affiliated Organizations: Parliament of Owls, Kobra Cult, Secret Society of Super-Villains
Friends/Allies: Deathstroke, Pigeon
Strengths/Abilities: Immunity to pain, hand-to-hand combat, a gauntlet filled with gadgets
As a young boy, Richard was a circus performer who contracted leprosy, leaving him numb to pain. After being ostracized from his own people, Richard met Mary Lloyd, another circus performer, and the two of them became a pair of wandering outlaws, roaming Europe to steal food and medicine from the rich. Eventually, Mary met and fell in love with John Grayson of Haly's Circus. They got married and had a child named Dick, while Richard watched over her from afar, like Severus Snape (and just as creepy).
One night when Haly's was performing in Gotham City, Richard overheard local mobster Tony Zucco threaten Haly's Circus. Rather than warn someone, Richard found himself pre-occupied with stealing the watch of one billionaire named Bruce Wayne. After John and Mary fell to their deaths, Dick was taken into the custody of Wayne while Richard swore revenge against Wayne.
In the years that passed, Richard built himself a reputation as a mercenary using superhero branding. He attracted the attention of the Parliament of Owls, an international cabal of wealthy elite that plotted to create a sovereign nation built on the back of human trafficking. The Parliament had successfully blackmailed Dick Grayson into joining their ranks, and recruited Raptor to dispose of Lincoln March and keep an eye out on Grayson. Little did the Parliament know, however, that Raptor had his own plan. He gained Nightwing's trust and helped bring the Parliament's plans crashing down.
Shortly after the Parliament's eradication, Raptor went after Bruce Wayne himself, kidnapping him in public by threatening to expose his identity. Before he could assassinate Bruce however, Dick intercepted him, and broke his legs before turning him over to Spyral custody.
Spyral prison did not hold Raptor for very long, however, as he was released. This time, he targeted Dick's resident city of Bludhaven, which was ruled by casino boss and arms dealer Blockbuster. Wanting to purge the city of corruption, Raptor unleashed the Blockbuster serum on the citizens, turning them into mindless hulking monsters. With the help of the Runoffs, a cast of reformed costumed criminals, Nightwing successfully stopped the spread of the serum, and confronted Raptor alongside Blockbuster. In the three-way battle, Raptor was seemingly killed by Blockbuster, who was in turn neutralized by Nightwing.
While Deathstroke was imprisoned, Raptor laid claim to his high tech Ikon suit. Before the two mercenaries could kill each other, however, they were interrupted and recruited by Matthew Bland (aka Red Lion), an exiled genocidal dictator of an African nation. Bland tasked Deathstroke and Raptor with stealing a US carrier. During the mission, Deathstroke took back his Ikon suit, but turned a blind eye to Raptor, who was more interested in sabotaging Bland's chances at re-claiming his nation.
Raptor and Deathstroke crossed paths again when the Secret Society of Super-Villains put Deathstroke on trial for not being villainous enough. Raptor also appeared at Deathstroke's funeral after his death at the hands of the Teen Titans. Raptor touched Deathstroke's corpse with his exposed hand, infecting the body with leprosy, and kick-starting Deathstroke's immune system into bringing him back to life. Yeah. Oh, and this all happened sometime after Raptor was supposedly killed by Blockbuster. Comics are weird like that.
Recommended Reading
Nightwing, by Tim Seeley
Deathstroke, by Christopher Priest
CotM artwork by Ivan Reis
CotM Voting: "The Newest Baddies"
Voting Breakdown:
Characters Votes
Raptor 23
Upside-Down Man 21
Godspeed 16
Punchline 14
Barbatos 12
Corum Rath 5
Character of the Month archives
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Monday Mornings With Akiyama64, Issue 14

(May not be able to post a Monday Mornings post next week, going to be busy.)
Good morning from Washington State. Yesterday, we encountered some real drama from bullies. I mean, I hear fifty of them are going to come and attack, and they have one guy supplying it all. For me, sitting around in a secret spot with the Bird Clan, this is top lel. So many threads, so much cringe. If this attack on CivCraft actually happens, they're going to be drunk. Slash them hard, guys, and don't trip on their bodies. And, by the way, it's “suburbs,” not “subrubs.”
Onto serious matters, I've made some stone and charcoal, added brick structures to my house, and wondered about what to do in CivCraft. I think my clay collection is growing at a good rate, but I also hope there will be a factory someday for hardened clay and bricks and colored hardened clay. The subreddit had some drama with Caiden burning the flag for the 4th of July, but it seemed to be a normal week with constant griefings from the blood gang and other griefers.
Also, I have recieved another threat of major griefing by someone else. That threat was sent the day before Ladder_Jake came by. I don't know if this other guy's threats were serious, but it's always important to have defenses in case shit happens. Guess what, that threat was sent by The_Samurai, but I didn't take screenshots like Lenin did. Wow, so usual.

Jake from State Farm

It's Sunday, the madness starts
100+ comments: More notice.
Ladder_Jake confirms.
Redpossum's joke.
Juz says it's a big troll.
R3kon is the secret agent.
Epic is Jake.
Jake gets pissed at Epic.
Epic leaves CivCraft.
And the virus spreads.

General Notables

Looking good, Carson.
To ease transport: Complete World Map.
Sam's house is destoryed by MineHero.
Bye, Sam.
The blood gang pearled Virtualx.
Chemistry is the worst.
Nice place: A foyer and bridge? Sweet looks.
Razor's still pearled. Because, just cuz. But really, he did bad things.
That bloodgang was in Aurora. Where haven't they been?
Red has a joke on banning armor.
I missed out on this doomsday thing.
Caution, weapons get stolen if you have an army.
Hit list: The Butter Brigade.
Question and Answer: Ask Soap about Kappi.
Don't grief Kappi.
Aurora has murder and grief problems?
A universal vault for everyone?
KornyDoggy uses the N-word a lot.
Casino opened in Lio.
ckeep owns Sam in court.
The marines fight the Butter Brigade.
Drinking guilt. Is it all becuase of this?
Top wah wah: I quit cuz I got griefed.
Now that's killing with style.
Big history thread: The July 4 Attack. Here's a thank you from the President of Orion. and here's the warning on the day of the attack.
Another list of griefers thread. (Relates to Orion and Minas Minas.)
Fellowship is empty?
This text post is getting someone banned.
First week for a newriend.
Megacity for everyone?
July 4 Drama: Caiden burns flag.
Counter attack: Sword's flag.
The RedHats picture is great.
In the middle of too many griefing threads, I post pics of my house WIP.
Nice dragon effigy as well.
Did you think griefers were leading up to an HCF invasion.
Ckeep griefed me, well, no, he didn't, Sam. Also, you have the worst shitposts.
Best Alert about griefing.
The two big DRO griefs got a wiki page.
Red Quarter Quare is fancy.
It happens in Orion a lot.
The towns that never grew in 1.0.
The farm raid of the +, +
Mandy plot auction.
Barata: Allah as Comrade.
Underground City-State Cyprus.
Oh snap, big attacker in Aurora.
Farewell to the Corum Coalition.
Discussion: Brilliance of the Prison Pearl.
Dinnerbone on Sprinting. Eagles on the new PvP balance in 1.6. Just say no to 1.6.
Witherbot asks for opinions on bots.
Reddit accounts vanish with bad pics.
Yay, over 5,000 readers, but the subreddit has many people away in real life things like vacations.
Radio Blueavenue talks about Carson.
Minor drama of El Dorado.
The DRO brought Aurora and Bryn together.
Joining griefer groups?
Someday there will be a better CivCraft.
Best Game: “Flint.”
You're so cool griefing, loser.
Yeah, I live around NJ.
Hermit woes.
Save the new people from 1.6.1!

People to Thank

Taargus for asking me on my opinion of certain matters.
Eagles for advising me on imporving my house and for showing me his place.
Dydomite (Reddit name) for displaying the history of that July 4 attack.
R3KoN for being funny with that AMA and pretending to be the secret agent.
Fuck you, Ladder_Jake. At least you are full of shit posts.
Bounty hunters and griefer fighters for defending against the flood of damage.
Carson Diggers for making such a big city possible.
CivCringe for bringing home the drama.

That's All

Anyway, for the next week, I'm going to be away in another state. I likely won't have internet. Eagles, Palms, I fixed all but one factory for public use. Should save you some time. Anyway, I hope to enjoy CivCraft this Monday before I have to leave. Good luck preparing for 50 jocks this week, too, I really wonder what July 17 holds. Then the credits will roll.
Have a nice week guys. Finally, have a moment of silence for all the griefed players of CivCraft. Their suffering will ease as griefers are pearled.
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